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Get great deals on our animals from our back quarantine room! All animals that we don't produce ourselves go into quarantine. Due to the longevity of keeping animals in quarantine, space is getting limited. So we thought we'd offer all of you a chance to get these animals at a reduced price.

The reptiles posted below are
all eating well and show no signs of illness. However, they have not been in quarantine for the full length of time we normally keep them in case of mites.

We can not guarantee that they are mite free. However if we do spot any mites on an animal we will not sell it.

Note: Once the animal is moved out of quarantine and onto our sales floor the prices will go up.

If you purchase one of these animals, it is up to you to take quarantine precautions at your home. Quarantine should be a standard procedure anytime you buy a new animal.