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REPTOLOGY Awesome Lizard Lounger that really works

Posted by rrstaff on 2/17/2017 to Videos



Date: 6/8/2017
When I saw this video I went on Amazon to look for these items but Amazon doesn't have them so I got a wannabe version of the straight one and it STIIIIINKS--smells like a barn that no one has cleaned out in 6 months! I was hoping I could rinse out the smell but the water turned yellow so after two rinses I said forget this and now I'm holding out for the real thing by Reptology. I'm hoping to buy it from you guys actually--I'm spoiled by Amazon Prime but I think you guys are awesome and want to support y'all so I'm going to see if I can put together a decent cart and make an order. I actually want to get two of the long ones--one to use for my snake, and one to use as a background in my gargoyle gecko's terrarium. It's not really the right size for her 12x12x18 but I'm hoping I can modify it for a nice fit. *crosses fingers*

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