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End of the year Ball Python sale!

Posted by rrstaff on 12/15/2016 to News

END OF THE YEAR BALL PYTHON SALE! Great prices! Cool animals!
Here's the big sale list. Pictures of all these balls are on our website also.
Pastel Ivory M - $225
Genetic Stripe F- $150
Spider Genetic Stripe M & F $175 each
Pastel Genetic Stripe M & F $175 each
Pastel M $55
Pastel Sugars M $150 each
Lesser Hypo F $150
Hypo Enchi M $80
High Contrast Albinos M & F $195 each
Spider Albinos M $195 each

+ $55 shipping (if needed) or in store pick up.

Easy to buy directly from our website:

Reptile Rapture
6308 Monona Dr
Monona, WI 53716

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